Wherever consumers find themselves, be it at concerts, family shows, theatrical events, or exhibitions, Perryscope is there to offer them exclusive and creatively merchandised memories on site of what they have just experienced, as well as operating official web stores where attendees who might have missed the opportunity to buy at the event can access the widest array of licensed goods and media from their favorite events.

Our full range of Theatrical and Family Show merchandising services include:

  • Creative Services including creation of product lines from initial concepts to final client product range approval

  • Merchandise Procurement including sourcing, manufacturing, and management of product lines and inventories

  • Merchandise Production including complete coordination and management of sales logistics of global touring itineraries by a team of experienced production and touring staff

  • Coordinating the efforts to combat the sale of bootleg and unauthorized products

  • Financial settlement and timely reporting

Perryscope is a one-stop resource for the creation of memorable live event merchandise.