The Perryscope team brings their clients four decades of experience in creating, sourcing, and selling merchandise at live events wherever in the world our clients appear. Our backstory includes concert promoting and staging some of the biggest events ever attended, for some of the most influential and iconic performers in the history of the entertainment industry. Our extensive experience includes the complete spectrum of venues - from clubs to theaters to arenas to stadiums. Our full range of tour/live event merchandising services include:

  • Creative Services including the creation of product lines from initial concepts to final client product range approval

  • Tour/Event Merchandise Procurement including sourcing, manufacturing and management of product lines and inventories

  • Tour/Event Merchandise Production including complete coordination and management of sales logistics of global touring itineraries by a team of experienced production and touring staff

  • Coordinating the efforts to combat the sale of bootleg and unauthorized products

  • Financial settlement and timely reporting

Perryscope is a one-stop resource for the creation of memorable live event merchandise.